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Los Angeles Hiring Firefighters

Los Angeles is beginning the process of hiring 165 new firefighters even as standards and procedures are being revamped to avoid the problems that have plagued the department in the past. ...continue

Obama Address Workplace Concerns

President Barack Obama says child care, family leave and workplace flexibility aren't frills, they're basic needs. ...continue

Who Wants a Government Internship?

Hispanics, blacks, women and community college students have a higher interest in government internships than the general student population, according to a new survey. ...continue

Will FBI Change Rules to Hire Pot Heads? NEWS FLASH: No.

The FBI says it won't employees to use pot, despite comments on Monday by Director James Comey. ...continue

NSA Seeks Code Breakers Via Twitter Feed

The National Security Agency is seeking epic code breakers, but you can't apply until you figure out an increasingly difficult series of cryptic tweets on Mondays. ...continue

US Teachers Not Nearly as Diverse As Their Students

Almost half the students attending public schools are minorities, yet fewer than 1 in 5 of their teachers is nonwhite. ...continue

Obama Asks for Help in Hiring Long-term Unemployed

President Obama on Friday won commitments from nearly 300 companies to reach out to the nearly 4 million Americans who have been jobless for six months or more, and called on Congress to reinstate unemployment benefits. ...continue

Help Wanted: Queen Elizabeth Seeks Housekeeper

Buckingham Palace was advertising for a new housekeeping assistant to run the royal baths and arrange the tea trays. The financially strapped monarch can't pay much, though. ...continue

Peoria Hiring Police Officers

Peoria, Ill., won't wait till spring to hire new police officers, though not all 18 positions will be immediately filled. ...continue

Top 10 Job Interview Blunders

A professional recruiter offers 10 tips on what not to do in a job interview. ...continue

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