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Be careful about giving up personal information when applying for work (file photo)

Identity Thieves Prey on Job Seekers

Among the lowest forms of life on the planet are scam artists who prey on job hunters who are asked -- sometimes by legitimate employers -- for their Social Security numbers. ...continue

Laid-off Workers Return to Their Fields

In another sign of a strengthening economy, a growing number of displaced workers are getting jobs in the industries they left. ...continue

GM to Announce New Jobs in Tennessee

General Motors is expected to announce new vehicles and jobs Wednesday at a sprawling factory complex in Spring Hill, Tenn. ...continue

Ford Hires 300 at Louisville Lincoln Plant

Ford has hired 300 new employees and invested $129 million at its Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky to support production of the 2015 Lincoln MKC. ...continue

Should Bias Against Hiring Unemployed Be Illegal?

Some cities, states and President Obama have sought to help long-term unemployed people, who they say shouldn't be passed over for jobs because their resumes show an employment gap. But it hasn't been easy. ...continue

Immigrants Find Jobs in Gaming Industry

The gambling industry in Western Pennsylvania is betting on refugee immigrants. And casinos say it's paying off. ...continue

Cancer Management Bringing Jobs to Boca Raton

Vicinitas Cancer Care is launching in Boca Raton and expects to create 200 new jobs over five years. ...continue

The Hip New Career? Farming

Across New England, young people are choosing crops over cubicles, new farms are popping up and the local food movement is spreading. ...continue

What Does It Take to Be an ER Nurse?

Emergency-room nurses have special characteristics that help them thrive in their distinct environment, new research has confirmed. ...continue

GE Healthcare Bringing Jobs to Massachusetts

When fully operational, GE Healthcare Life Sciences' new facility will house more than 500 highly skilled employees and bring more than 220 new jobs to Massachusetts. ...continue

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