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Senior Internet Icon Publishes Success Story

November 4, 2003

BAYSIDE, NY - Seventy-two year young Internet icon, Grandma Betty Fox, has published the inspirational and educational story of her rise from desperation to the heights of Internet success - defying all odds along the way.

Fox says, "In the beginning I didn't know Internet from Schminternet, but I would not give up."

Widowed in 1964 at 33 and "downsized" at 67 because she was too old, Fox was faced with a dismal future. But she made the most of a desperate situation to ultimately develop, without funding, the leading senior portal on the Internet, GrandmaBetty.com. Fox's inspirational story has now been published in "When One Door Closes, Another Opens."

Told in her own down-to-earth words, "When One Door Closes, Another Opens" is the moving story of a real life grandmother, with no technical skills, who prospered in a dot-com crazed world.

"My first Internet search was for a peach pie recipe and I received thousands of pornographic sites with girls calling themselves 'peaches,'" Fox explains. "So I subsequently spent thousands of hours becoming an expert on using the Internet."

Fox's inspirational story has been profiled in "People Magazine," "The New York Times" and on the "CBS Early Show." In an interview on "CSPAN," "Free Agent Nation" author Dan Pink who interviewed over 300 people for his ground-breaking book was asked about the coolest person he interviewed. Dan replied, "The coolest person? The coolest person had to be Betty Fox, a.k.a. 'Grandma Betty.' The idea of a 67-year-old, out-of-work widow in Bayside, Queens, using Web TV to become a force on the Internet is just so fabulous. I've got to give her a huge amount of credit."

"When One Door Closes, Another Opens"
161 pages - Paperback $14.95 (US)
ISBN: 159196279X

Source: HireDiversity.com

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