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Recruiting Takes to the Web With a New Look at Hiring Minority Personnel

Nov. 21, 2008

Jessica Haro--HispanicBusiness.com

minority recruiting, workplace diversity  

Following a trend seen in many industries, corporate recruiting has gone online. In the competition to obtain the best candidates, as well as a diverse applicant pool, corporations are getting creative in their recruiting tactics. In order to recruit minority candidates, companies must work not only harder, but smarter.

After internal research found that job seekers do most of their search online, Verizon Communications Inc. decided to revamp its entire careers Web site, and re-brand its advertising to highlight the company's commitment to diversity.

"A separate study prompted the company to recruit more Hispanics for positions all over our company. We have to work smarter to reach the Hispanic community, from outreach through businesses and schools, and the type of media and magazines where we advertise, to the language we use in all parts of our recruitment," explained Odesa Stapleton, director of talent management.

In addition, the company is not only posting jobs on their own Web site, but is utilizing targeted career sites, such as HireDiversity.com. The company has found advertising on Latina.com particularly advantageous, as it targets not only Hispanics, but Hispanic women. "Verizon is really stepping up its efforts in bringing Hispanics into the company, and is taking advantage of anything that can be done in online messaging and the online market," said Ms. Stapleton.

McDonald's, another star in employee diversity, is also utilizing the internet creatively in its current recruiting plan.

Unique to McDonald's among franchise restaurants is McState.com, which allows each restaurant to have its own Web site. From the national site, applicants can find their local restaurant and submit an online application directly to the individual franchisee. Ms. Wittberot explained that while the site is not new, "it has really taken off in the last few years."

The site is also mobile enabled, allowing potential applicants to access it from their mobile phones, find the restaurant closest to them, and see the jobs and benefits offered at that location. "The mobile site was launched in April, and continues to grow and become more exciting," said Ms. Wittberot.

While these recruitment techniques focus mainly on restaurant-level positions, McDonald's employee development programs allow employees the opportunity to advance within the organization, often reaching upper-management levels. In fact, two company presidents and the current CEO began at the restaurant level.

In order to recruit the most diverse and talented applicant pool on a national level, it has become integral that large corporations utilize the Internet. As the sophistication of Web increases, simply having a Web site is not enough. Successful companies have created innovative and interactive sites that appeal to a diverse audience and offer interactive features that allow users to find the job that is right for them. Most importantly, these companies work to drive a diverse group of applicants to their Web sites by advertising on minority-targeted Web sites that attract the type of candidates they want. Even when recruiting local candidates, McDonald's and Verizon have shown that the Web is the way to go.

Source: HispanicBusiness.com (c) 2008. All rights reserved.

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