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First-time Job Applicants Are the Focus of Recently Launched Job Hunting Site Job-Applications.com

Dec 18, 2012


Job-Applications.com (www.job-applications.com), a free online job application and employment site for first-time and entry-level job seekers, announced the launch of a mobile version of the employment resource website. This system upgrade is targeted at the increasing number of visitors coming to site via smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc), tablets, and other portable devices.

The Job-Applications.com mobile site provides an interactive experience to further enable today's job seekers the ability to connect with top employers while on the go. Through the mobile portal, users will find job resources for thousands of major companies, tips on writing resumes and interviewing, and the newly implemented Job-Applications.com Video Library. Mobile users may use the Video Library to search through hundreds of filmed interviews and view firsthand accounts of what it is like to complete the hiring process and work for their specific employer of interest.

Approximately 73 percent of users access the site from an iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad), while 25 percent of visitors use Android. Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Samsung users make up the rest.

President of Job-Applications.com Doug Crawford describes the motivation behind the development of a mobile version of the website: "The implementation of the mobile site is exciting because the job search is no longer tethered to the computer. We have empowered our users with the mobility they have come to expect as they integrate employment information into their daily lives. The new app makes our job resources available to users on most popular mobile and portable devices in the market. What we've learned is that just because someone is applying for an entry level job, it doesn't mean that they don't have access to the latest mobile technology, and job-applications.com is here to help all of our users no matter how they chose to access our site."

Source: Copyright PRNewswire 2012

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