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Health-Care Workers Needed

November 21, 2013

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Medical workers will be needed in growing numbers in the wake of the baby boom retirement, Affordable Care Act and information technology advances, according to a new workforce strategy report.

The report, released by College for America, examines six fast-growing positions in detail -- including the "patient navigator" function formalized by the new Affordable Care Act -- and outlines their projected growth, critical competencies, typical candidate and education profiles.

Two of the positions examined, medical office specialist and medical assistant, are expected to have the third- and fourth-largest increase in new jobs through 2020 among all jobs in all industries tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to the report.

The report also explores the implications for health-care employers by examining more than 250 detailed work activities (DWAs) and identifying 55 that are common to most of the six fast-growing positions. The analysis uncovers a shift toward a more versatile set of skills than were needed in the past, particularly in technical communication and information technology.

The 12-page report is available HERE.

The report is the work of Julian L. Alssid and Melissa Goldberg. Mr. Alssid and Ms. Goldberg previously managed the nonprofit Workforce Strategy Center, which merged with College for America earlier this year.

College for America at Southern New Hampshire University contributed.

Original headline: New Report: Frontline & Nonclinical Healthcare Jobs Growing in Number and Complexity

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