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Job Market Improving for Hispanic Men

May 3, 2013

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The unemployment rate for Hispanic men kept pace with the national rate in April, but the rate for the Hispanic workforce overall continues to lag behind U.S. numbers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

The unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) for Hispanic men dipped to 7.6 percent in April from 8.2 percent the month before, compared to 7.5 percent for the general population. The seasonally adjusted rate for the general Hispanic workforce stood at 9 percent, however, only slightly improved from last month's 9.2 percent.

Unemployment rates by race and ethnicity for non-Hispanic adults were 6.7 percent for whites, 13.2 percent for blacks, and 5.1 percent for Asians (not seasonally adjusted). Unemployment among women declined in April, while the number of long-term unemployed Americans dropped by 258,000 to 4.4 million, down 2.2 percent.

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose to 165,000 in April 2013, the BLS reported.

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Employment in professional and business services continued to grow, adding 73,000 jobs in April and 587,000 jobs year-over-year. The leisure and hospitality, retail trades, and health-care sectors saw some growth as well.

A surge in home prices didn't affect construction work, an arena heavily represented by Hispanics, with an average of 27,000 jobs added each month over the prior six months.

The number of idled Hispanic workers was little changed in April, at 2.2 million, though the size of the workforce increased to 24.5 million in April from 24.3 million in March.


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