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Higher Education Ignoring Sales, CareerBuilder Says

June 16, 2013

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U.S. employment firm CareerBuilder said it had discovered that formal training
in sales was disproportionately missing from the world of higher education.

Data from Economic Modeling Specialists, a CareerBuilder company, showed there
were 599 colleges and universities in the country offering degrees in geology
and only 274 offering degrees in sales.

In an even more pronounced contrast, there are 1,571 schools of higher education
offering degrees in psychology, about six times more than there are school
offering degrees in sales.

However, there are 15,517,185 sales positions in the United States -- give or
take a few.

At the same time there are 167,728 jobs related to psychology and 94,696 related
to geology, making for opportunity ratios of 93:1 and 164:1, in psychology and
geology, respectively.

"In the last year alone, there were 678,968 job openings in sales-related fields
compared to 8,698 jobs in psychology-related fields and 6,766 job openings in
geology-related fields," CareerBuilder said.

A recent Harris Interactive survey found that one sixth of the sales managers in
companies that missed their revenue projections for the year indicated that lack
of training in sales was a contributing factor.

In the survey, 35 percent of the business managers indicated that their company
missed their revenue projections for the year, CareerBuilder said.

The survey included responses from 2,184 hiring managers and human resource
personnel and was conducted between Feb. 11 and March 6.

The results of the survey include a margin of error of plus and minus 2.1
percentage points, it can be said with 95 percent certainty, CareerBuilder said.

Source: Copyright UPI 2013

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