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How to Interview for Part-time Work

July 15, 2013

So you've found a fantastic part-time job that has everything you want: the
right hours, the right pay and the right atmosphere. All that remains is to
actually land it. There's not much difference in landing a part-time vs.
full-time position. It's important to always remain professional during any type
of interview.

The application is usually a separate process from the actual interview, but you
should be just as prepared as if you were going to meet the boss that day. You
never know when you could have an on- the-spot interview. Dress well, go alone
and be friendly and respectful to the person who gives you the application. They
are the eyes for management to report your professionalism and appearance.

Research the company before the interview. The more you know about your
potential employer, the better the impression you'll make during the interview.

Dress well, arrive alone and on time, greet your prospective employer with a
firm handshake, and make eye contact during the interview. Practice answering
questions prior to your interview. Think of potential questions you may be asked
and always answer with an example of what you did in your previous experience to
support your statement, instead of a generic answer such as 'people say I'm

Ask for a business card before you leave. Send a handwritten thank you note to
the person(s) who conducted your interview. Be sure your thank you is in print
and clear to read. Also, make sure all of your spelling is correct.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure you've followed all the basics of
passing your interview and getting your resume in the hirable stack.

Source: Copyright St. Joseph News-Press (MO) 2013

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