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Five Secrets for Keeping a Job

April 15, 2014

Gregg Mansfield -- HireDiversity.com

Author Paul Nourigat said workers need to focus on keeping their current jobs.  

Author Paul Nourigat said workers need to focus on keeping their current jobs.

For the college graduates who have landed full-time employment, author Paul Nourigat has some friendly advice: Work on keeping your current job.

"You can assume your job is being scrutinized at all times," Mr. Nourigat said. "Employees should constantly look at themselves and ask if they are doing all they can do."

That might not sound like cheerful employment advice but in a world with too few jobs and increased automation, the author of "No Time to Wander: The Financial Compass for Young Americans" said U.S. workers should always be on alert.

Mr. Nourigat, a senior wealth strategist for U.S. Bank, has made it his aim to increase young Americans awareness about finances. Based in Portland, Ore., Mr. Nourigat has published nine financial books over the past four years.

In his latest "No Time of Wander" book, Mr. Nourigat dedicates a chapter on keeping a job in 2014. He also discusses a variety of topics including how to find a job during a period of high unemployment and building a personal brand as a guide for life.

Here are some of his suggestions for keeping a job:

Get ahead and get along

People succeed with people they like, Mr. Nourigat says, about the workplace environment. He suggests thinking of your coworkers as teammates and rather than blaming them for shortcomings, the employee needs to look at themselves.

"Sometimes you need to bite your lip and not say anything," he said.

Communication skills

It might seem like a natural to have good communication skills but it's essential when using a team approach, he said. Communicating accomplishments and failures are important but keeping the team focused on the job and working for the common good is equally important.

Work ethic

Take the basic job description and go above and beyond that, Mr. Nourigat said, with the intent to make the organization even better.

"Constantly look for other ways to help the organization," he said. "(But) you've got to do your day job."

Focus on cross-training

Learn about other jobs in the company without losing sight of your current position, Mr. Nourigat said. By showing interest in the company, management sees you are eager to learn and that might lead to a new job that has yet to be created.


Especially for younger workers, find somebody in the firm or the industry that can serve as a mentor. Don't pick the boss, instead look for someone who provides a different approach to the industry.

"If I'm a leader, I want them helping with the younger employees or the new people and bring them up," Mr. Nourigat said.

Mr. Nourigat believes that because of increasing automation and a growing global labor supply, finding good-paying jobs will get more difficult. So that's why it's important to show your value to your current employer.

"This protects your job to the degree you can," he said. "(But) there are so many things outside your control."

Companies are always on the hunt for top talent and work hard to keep the best and brightest workers. It's those types of companies that workers should seek out.

"There are companies that want to rise up and do great stuff," said Mr. Nourigat, who has served as a financial consultant for 30 years. "The key is to find those employers."

"No Time to Wonder" is available on Amazon and at all major booksellers.

Source: HireDiversity.com (c) 2014. All rights reserved.

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