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Prison Workers Wanted

July 25, 2014

Amy Kent, Clinton Herald

July 25--FULTON, Ill. -- While the renovation process at the Thomson, Illinois, Correctional Center has yet to begin, a few high-level management positions have already been filled.

Filling those positions are people, and most importantly to the River Bend School District, people with children.

The city of Fulton and the River Bend School District have already learned of two new families who have relocated to the city, and with their arrival, the city and the school are stepping up efforts to welcome them.

"I was invited to some of the city's meeting activities as a representative of the school and was able to meet two families that have moved to Fulton that will be employed at the prison," River Bend Superintendent Darryl Hogue said. "This was just an introduction to them so the school's plan is to highlight and promote River Bend in the hopes that families choose us."

In order to promote the school, Hogue is planning to enlist the help of his administrators, one of whom is already stepping up his promotion efforts.

Fulton High School Principal Chris Tennyson knows how he plans to attract new students to the River Bend School District and it involves an element any school attempts to achieve -- a good education.

"One of the things I look at to attract any new families to our district is the course offerings that we have available for our students," Tennyson said. "This year we will have four new course offerings."

Those include two advanced placement classes, a college preparation course and a sports weight-training class.

While Hogue too has plans to promote the athletics programs, the extra-curricular activities and the Steamers pride that comes along with living in Fulton, he feels the district's academic offerings are something that sets them apart from others.

"We want to highlight the quality of education a student would get here and the smaller community feel and approach as well," he said. "We want to highlight what our strengths are -- strong test scores again, much more personalized education and the technical upgrades that have taken place."

Another way the district is working to promote themselves is by creating an informational brochure in conjunction with the city to help spread the word and touch a broad spectrum of people.

That idea is still in planning stages, but Hogue has no worries that they have plenty of time to encourage any new Thomson prison employees to give Fulton and the River Bend district a look.

"This has been an ongoing process for a year, year-and-a-half since the funding was there and a much longer process for the area," Hogue said. "It's still at the point that, besides those small support positions, there hasn't been a large influx of employment yet. Once people start trickling in then we'll really start promoting the district. But the families that are here, Fulton is doing a great job of welcoming them in."


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Original headline: District tries to attract prison workers

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